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Goldie is stretching and waiting for Steve to come home. She receives a phone call from the Elite Rental Company about an apartment he has been looking at in Malibu. The apartment is his. This comes as a shock to Goldie. She confronts Steve and he says he was going to tell her but he needs a break after spending so much time with her during Covid. He has had enough of her. She decides that there is only one way to deal with this loser boyfriend of hers. She is going to beat the hell out of him! She strips off her little workout top and wears only a red thong which Steve starts to pull off. Goldie declares that it's funny he doesn't want her anymore so why is he stripping her little red thong off! Goldie has been working out during Covid and she is stronger than ever! She uses her enormous tits as weapons as well as her ass and pussy. Steve fights back and is in control for a bit but Goldie uses her flexible leg to pull him down into a head scissor. Goldie is Gorgeous and sexy in her glistening nakedness as she begins to sweat from the tussle! She pulls Steve into a Head Scissor with his face in her pussy! Steve fights and punches Goldie's firm tummy! She punches back. And her tight scissors are devastating! A cross body pin with her huge jugs smothering him is almost more than Steve can handle. He tells her don't be stupid! She decides to shut him up with her naked ass on his face and his nose inserted deeply in her asshole! Steve struggles to breathe and that is only possible when Goldie moves on to apply Rear Naked Chokes, Head Scissors, Body Scissors, Ball Squeezing! The sweat is pouring off Steve as he struggles wildly to escape! He grabs her pussy and her neck and fights hard but Goldie continues to gain control over the man who is leaving her. Camel Clutches! Hand Over Mouth Smothers! Front Headscissors! Figure Four Headscissors! The punishment is extraordinary! A Match Box Pins with a Boob Smother puts Steve out. Goldie decides to tie Steve's wrists and drag him to their bedroom! Steve awakes on the bed with his sexy woman sitting on his stomach with her sexy sweaty wet pussy pinning him on his back. She then plants her mammoth mammaries in his face, swinging them back and forth! As they glide across his face, one way and then the other, Steve can do nothing as his wrists are bound behind him. This Gorgeous Goddess then sits her pussy right in his face next to his mouth and teases him, dragging her clit back and forth. She turns over and squeezes him with her naked ass in reverse head scissors! Steve can't help but get turned on by this incredibly sexy woman even though she is putting him through impassioned and hellacious punishment! She sits her pussy and ass on his face and wraps it all around, almost inhaling his face deeper inside her! This insanely sexy punishment goes on and on until Goldie works herself into a wild orgasm, using Steve's nose and mouth as her sex toy! Goldie has made up her mind! But will she let Steve go or keep him there as her everlasting sex toy? You'll have to see this sexy wild mixed wrestling fight to find out! Enjoy the ride!!! Goldie did

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