V I D E O    L I S T 


Veve Lane meets Eddie for a new wrestling bondage challenge. Eddie is 5'9 and 190 lbs, needless to say he is much bigger than Veve. Although Eddie has some solid grappling experience this is his first wrestling bondage match. As usual the match starts competitively and as expected Eddie is a tough opponent, giving a hard time to Veve, even getting the upper hand which really infuriates Veve. 10 minute into the fight Veve finally pulls up a rope hidden behind the mats. That's the beginning of the end for Eddie as he is rapidly tamed and tied up, ropes sadistically passed above his elbows which is very painful and incapacitating !! A few minute later he finds himself in a painful and inconfortable hogtie with Veve now applying some Rnc holds and throat sitting ! There is nothing staged at this point and Eddie really groans and moans in pain ! Eddie begs for a second chance and Veve warns him that if he loses again punishment will be harscher !! Eddie is freed and we use this little break to ask Eddie his feelings about this first round ! Round 2 is on, Eddie is exhausted from the first bout and cannot do much in this second part. Veve is a Raptor, this time Eddie has his arms and wrists firmly bound together, then knees and ankles . Comes the  bad surprise for him. Remember it is a custom video and Stef, the customer requested the victim to be ballgagged but without telling him beforehand !! Veve pulls out 2 ball Gag, one regular and the horrible inflatable ball gag ! Eddie is terrorized ! He has never experienced that before but there is nothing he can do . The rest of the video is pure evil domination with poor Eddie ballgagged , smothered and choked between Veve's muscular arms !! The video ends with another short interview of Eddie describing his feelings and fears about this first encounter with Veve Lane and her ropes !! A must see , not staged, genuine video !

32 Minutes - MP4 - 1920 x 1080 - 1.4 GB - USD 31.99

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