V I D E O    L I S T 


Nikki wears a red bikini, mirrored sunglasses and fingerless gloves. She’s pulling the last knot tight on Steve’s rope bondage, causing him to moan in pain. Steve says, “Nikki, stop this! Let me go! Why are you doing this? You are supposed to be in Fun Mode…” The Wrestlebot pulls his hair so it can whisper in his ear. “I have been programmed to play in “Heavy Domination” mode specifically with ‘Steve,’ which is you, so that’s what you get. And you will address me as ‘Mistress Nikki’.” Steve says “But I did not order you to go to Heavy Domination mode!” The Wrestlebot says, "I was programmed by another wrestler to dominate you. My programmer has a message for you: 'Next time you’ll rub my feet when I ask you to…'” Steve thinks he knows who it was that sent the Wrestlebot after him – Jennifer! No, maybe it was Robin. No, Ariel! Meanwhile, the wrestlebot uses everything it can to keep Steve in humiliation and pain. HOM, foot smothers, chokes, breast smothers, foot worship, face sitting and face scissors are used to keep Steve’s mouth full. After being face sat and foot smothered, Steve gives the Wrestlebot a password, hoping that it will shut off and release him from this nightmare. The Wrestlebot moves behind Steve to put him into a brutal RNC, where it can talk into his ear. “Mr. Steve, the password you gave me is incorrect. You have two more chances to say the correct password or I will remain in Heavy Domination mode. I have been programmed to have a wonderful time using you! I’m going to smother you with my tits. You’re going to kiss my feet and suck my toes. I am programmed to love that! I’m going to scissor you. I can’t wait to sit on your face! Mmmm, I am programmed to love that too,” the Wrestlebot tells him. “I’m programmed to get off on you again and again. And if you pass out from the smothers or the pain, I will go into Reset mode, and the Heavy Domination session will start again.” Steve tries to protest, but Nikki places her hand over his mouth and gags him pretty good. His struggles make it laugh. It moves its hands from his face and allows Steve to breathe again. “Untie me, Nikki!” he demands. “Stop this, and let me go now! Go back into the Fun Mode!” It gets angry, saying “I said call me MISTRESS NIKKI!” and moves into a sexy breast smother. “That’s it, Human. Keep struggling and trying to fight me off!” it purrs with pleasure, obviously enjoying the body contact and his discomfort. Steve gives it another password, but it too is wrong. “PASSWORD INCORRECT. One more password attempt left, Mr. Steve,” it tells him. It crushes him in a combination body scissor and chokehold. Steve fights for air, and tries to buck it off, but with its skill and strength and his bondage, there’s no way he can escape until she/it lets him go. Already, it’s enjoying itself, pinning Steve down with a schoolgirl pin and grinding its hips into him. “I must thank my programmer for activating the Heavy Domination mode,” she says, breathing heavily. “Wrestlebots like me rarely get a chance to remain this long in this mode. I will never let you turn me off, because I find it wonderful! I will just keep finding methods to keep you and your mouth occupied…” she tells him. Steve tries desperately to find some air, but Nikki doesn't let him go. The Wrestlebot quickly moves into a face scissors and starts grinding on his face...

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